Really Simple Discovery

This is an archive of the RSD spec and related materials (as I find them and them and dig them out.)

Back in 2002 I was working on a desktop blog editor called Archipelago and started a page that collected all the info needed to start editing a blog for ech of the major platform at the time. It rapidly became tedious to maintain and update, and I realized that I could encode the information in a file and use that to guide folks. A did a sample file and realized that the real answer was to have that file a part of each platform so that when that developer decided to make changes, they just had to update a file in their own control. This follows the naturla pattern if distributing work to others :) as well as separation of concerns.

Fortuntely some of the blogging platform folks were willing to dive in and in a short time everyone supported RSD. A win for clients everywhere. Many thanks to all who helped.

Why archive this now?

The short version is, back in the day I was lambasted for the server with the spec on it being down for some hours. At the time it was all I had and Dave Winer offered to place a copy of the spec on Harvard's servers. Later on I made another copy and hosted it in a simpler setting. By putting this material on Github it is even more accessible than ever before. So in the hopes that people can learn and borrow from it, and use it as a guide, or even enhance and extend it, here it is.